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Welcome to Bad Karma! We are located on the US server Korgath.

What we have to offer?
  • Many experienced members that have been playing since Vanilla.
  • Nightly Raids starting anywhere from 7:00-9:30 server time.
  • 50 person ventrilo server for communicating and socializing 
  • 5 Slot bank full of gold/mats to help out raiders with repairs and items etc.
  • Ventrilo music channel with a wide variety of music
  • A very strong group of members/officers dedicated to Bad Karma willing to help anyone
  • Social PVP, Dungeon, and old content aspects.
  • When it comes to current content (Ruby Sanct and ICC) we get down to business. Members must be on time and ready to go if they have been confirmed for a raid that they signed up on the calendar.
  • Offer many raids/raid times some including ICC 10/25, ICC 10 HM's, ULD HMs, ONY 25, TOGC 10/25, TOTC 25, and newly introducing RUBY SANCT!

If it sounds like we are a good fit for you please apply online and we will send you in-game mail letting you know if you are something we might be looking for. 

If you have any questions/comments feel free to send in-game mail or PST GM: Nessadevil.

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Bad Karma Revamping!

Iciolus, Jul 27, 10 12:49 PM.
Bad Karma --

I'll start by introducing myself. I'm Iciolus (Kevin) and I'm a new edition to the crew, an avid World of Warcraft player and a reasonably level-headed guy. Nessadevil and the other officers have brought me in for a little bit of help to fine tune Bad Karma into the kind of guild that runs efficiently and thoroughly while still making it a relaxed place to hang out and spend your spare time. (Take all things in moderation, even World of Warcraft LOL)

To start, raid attendance is an issue, as it is with most guilds.  Loyalty and Integrity play a huge role in the functionality of a guild and make it an overall better group to be a part of.  If the guild is comprised of 10 loyal active players and 90 guys just around for shits and giggles, you have a problem.  I don't pretend to know all of you or even the vast majority, but it seems that we're lacking that sense of loyalty that would make this guild great.  Nessa made a point that if for the betterment of the guild a loyal player would sacrifice a weeks lock out of a raid you needed, in case the guild needed it.

Now I don't expect everyone to jump up and say "Yeah, I need all the loot from lootship, but I'll save myself to 3 bosses!" but if you want to make an effort in the guild progression and functionality, don't complain if it's asked of you.

If three raids are posted for the week, make an effort to attend at least two of them.  Everyone has their issues and real life always takes precedence to WoW, so don't ruin your marriage, but if it's between watching the sixth episode of the third season of lost or making ICC 25, it should be an easy choice.

Attendence requirements aren't set in stone quite yet, but you will be held accountable for your actions and if you miss the raids posted you will be warned or dealt with as needed.

Now to hit everyone where it hurts... Loot.

We've all been in a situation where we've lost loot to someone either undeserving or unappreciative.  Hell, some of us have lost rolls 10-20 weeks in a row on one piece we're there for. And heres where our new policy might burn a few people, or at least rub them the wrong way.

The plan is to implement the Loot Council system.  This gives room for the officers/raid leaders to decide where the loot will be distributed for the betterment of the guild and where it's deserved rather than leaving it up to a random number generator and QQs of raiders who think it's a better item than they have.

Now, this can lead to controversy and issues that might cause some pretty disturbing mumbles (or nerd raging).  That puts the officers in a position where THEIR integrity is tested.  We all have buddies and want their toons to get gear as well as our own.
But Nessa has chosen a select few to make these decisions and a loyal trusting guildy will follow without question.  Loyalty is rewarded, and your time may be sooner than you think.


I am a father of 8 children, and though what I say may seem condecending at times, I don't look down on anything but immaturity.  I understand that some of our members are young, but they will be held to the same standard as those of us beyond adolescense. Talking in Ventrilo during raids will be limited to speaking only when absolutely necessary, or when spoken to.  Not because we don't care to hear what you say, but to limit the clutter and noise during the fights.  If this becomes an issue, ventrilo admins will globally mute the raid.

Take the time to consider your role in the guild.  If you feel you're truly an asset to Bad Karma, then make it known.  Help guildies with raids you might not be all too interested in running, drop some gold in the guild bank, or even something as little as cutting gems for your guildmates.   Every man for himself should be limited to the human racial skill.

Lastly, We're migrating toward using this website as the go to for guild information.  You will be expected to check the news daily, which isn't a huge requirement, open the website, skim the news, keep yourself updated.  All the questions you may have could possibly be answered in a news or forum post.

This is one of many posts soon to come, and I'll keep updating it.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via Vent or in game.

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